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    Site Enhancements on Race Page

    We are pleased to announce that announce that the following enhancements have been uploaded by the DEV Team to enhance your virtual horse racing experience on

    Filters for My Races
    When filtering for “My Races” the system will default to the first seven days. If you have an upcoming race after the seven day default, you simply need to extend your search dates.

    Horses Preferences Applied to Races Page Filter
    When filtering for races for your horses, their preferences will automatically be considered in the search results.

    Add Entered Filter to Races section on Horse Details
    We have added the following filters to the Races section of the Horse Details page: Entered / Not Entered so they you can quickly identify which horses are entered into races.

    Speed Up Races Page Review Caching
    All date on the Races Page will be cached within a minute to ensure that you only see the most up-to-date information. All run and declined races will be cached for 720 min, and open and upcoming races will be cached for 1 min.

    Request A Race and My Race requests Removed from the Navigation bar
    The Request A Race feature has been removed from the navigation bar as this option is no longer available.

    My Race Requests have been removed from the navigation bar as this option is no longer available.

    Enhanced Filtering for Horses on the Race Details Page
    The Race Details page has been optimised so that you can filter for your horses faster on the Race Details page.

    Filter options tested:

    - Active
    - Pending
    - Min Fitness
    - Horse Preference

    Faster Loading New Race details Page
    We have removed the timeline from the Race Details page so that this page loads faster. We’re sure that you will agree that the faster your page loads, the faster you cab race your horses.

    Add Products to Training Results on Horse Details
    We have included tack items on the training results page so that you can compare the impact of tack items on your training results.

    Remove Rated Race Type from Horse Preferences
    We have removed the 'Rated' race option from the Race Program and Horse Preferences page as these races are no longer available on This will reduce site clutter and streamline your stable management.

    The Team