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#1 - Apr 10, 19 - 12:20
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    What if the Sport of Kings Ended Today?

    The Race Programmer is an avid fan of the British monarchy, and is constantly inviting them to virtual horse racing events at, but to date has only ever received a restraining order.

    We find their rejections surprising considering that horse racing has always been associated with royalty.

    Here’s some mindless trivia we sourced off the internet – which is always a reliable source of information, but did you know that the first jockey was a king?

    It’s true!

    While everyone knows that horse racing has always been called the sport of kings, but the first jockey was also a king himself.

    When horse racing started it was so expensive that only the British Royal Family could afford it. It was only when pioneered the virtual horse racing game that the sport of kings became accessible to the common man.

    We know that’s true because the Race Programmer told us that – another reliable source of information!

    Nowadays everyone can afford a horse on Some can even afford to question the monarchy. Some people even dare to call for an end to the monarchy. That would be a tragedy because then we wouldn’t be able to refer to ourselves as the sport of kings anymore, and you would be reduced to racing stray cats or watching foreign language soapies!

    Admit it; you wouldn’t have half as much fun as you do with us – or the monarchy!

    While we won’t tell you to do what do with Brexit, we will advise you that you should not exit.

    The Team