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    Yearling Sale

    Click on the links in the image above for more information.

    Want Your Yearlings Today?

    Surprise! Surprise!

    Yearlings Sales Begin Today!

    To spare yourself our ubiquitous sales pitch, you can buy your yearlings NOW!

    If you prefer more specific information, it would bode you well to note the small print:

    Yearlings can be bought and trained in advance of the next season. You can’t race them but there’s no stabling fee until the following month, so there is no pressure to race them. You can use the time during the Yearling Sales to train your yearlings as comprehensively as possible so that they are ready to race at the start of the next season. That’s why they are considered the unfair advantage in the virtual horse racing community!

    - Yearlings can only be bought from 00:01 GMT on 7 March 2019 until 23:59 GMT on 31 March 2019.
    - The sales ring defaults to 2Y horses, so remember to select the 1Y horse.
    - Yearlings have the same ability that they will have as 2Y horses, i.e. ageing from 1 to 2 years has no effect on their ability.
    - Yearlings are trained against 2Y training horses to gauge their abilities as a 2Y horse.
    - Yearlings become 2Y horses on the first day of the new season.
    - Yearlings can only enter races as 2Y horses in the new season.
    - Racing, Claiming, and Auctions are only available for horses aged 2-7 years.
    - Yearlings can be bought with bonus credits or cash, but using cash gets you free extra horses!

    Need to Buy A Horse?

    The champions of tomorrow start training as yearlings today!

    The Team