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#1 - Feb 07, 19 - 15:20
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    Get Your Love Racing!

    It's the month the month of luuurve!

    For some people it is a painful reminder that they're destined to be single forever, while others feel the burden of responsibility to impress their valentine with a generous (and expensive) display of affection.

    The conspicuous display of affection may be make for an uncomfortable situation because inevitably in involves overpriced flowers, expensive jewelry, or maybe a night on the town. You could tone it down a bit by putting on some Barry White, opening a bottle of wine, and lighting a few candles - and hope for the best, or you could spoil your valentine by taking them to the races! has created the ultimate day of love for the virtual horse racing community by creating the 'Love' races. These races have been created with love, filled with love, and will be raced with love. You've got to love that!

    Watching the races will be the perfect time to open a special bottle of wine, dim the lights, and turn on the RaceViewer. The sound of the gates opening will be sure to make any valentine's heart flutter, and things are certain to get racier as your horses get closer to the the finish line. As for making into the Winner's Circle - lets just say that a gentleman (or lady) never tells!

    Sharing your love of virtual horse racing is guaranteed to bring your partner closer as it increases intimacy. So why not give them a beautifully gift-wrapped virtual race horse in the favourite colour?

    We'll even make it easier for you by delivering it to them!

    If you like the sensual touch of silk, our silks designer can rustle up something flattering in virtually any colour and design of your choice because you want to look your best for your valentine. If you need some more personal assistance, you can even buy some performance enhancers that will taking your experience to the next level!

    Extend the gift of love today!

    The Race Programmer has decided that this Valentine’s Day is going to bring an end to the battle of the sexes by uniting all the colts and fillies in the 'Love' races this Thursday. All colts and fillies that are raced together will be entered into a lucky draw to win one of 10 virtual race horses!

    Winners will be announced on Friday, 15 February 2019.

    Enter the Love races today!

    The Team