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#1 - Jan 29, 19 - 08:46
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    Tributes and Recognition on!

    We’ve made an update to’s Tributes and Recognition program.

    Previously we included an article of recognition, races of recognition, and tributes for every 1,000th milestone. We did this to create as much content as possible for trainers, but a downside was that some accomplishments were overlooked or the recognition was delayed. We don’t want to tell you to slow down, but in order to acknowledge everybody’s milestones timeously, we will be sticking to the following schedule for milestones:

    Article of Recognition
    Master Stable 1000 Wins
    Legendary Stable 5000 Wins
    Legendary Stable 6000 Win
    Legendary Stable 7000 Win
    Legendary Stable 8000 Win
    Legendary Stable 9000 Win
    Win a Championship/s in first season of membership
    Triple Crown Winner

    Races in Recognition
    Master Stable 2000 Wins
    Legendary Stable 5000+ Wins

    Master Stable 1000 Wins
    Legendary Stable 5000 Wins
    Legendary Stable 10000 Wins

    We would like to interview all trainers on their first time Championship Series wins, but the response rate to these interview requests have been declining with each passing season. We would like to encourage all first time Championship Series winners to kindly complete their interviews and forward to the Member Support team for publication.

    The Team