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#1 - Jan 08, 19 - 13:46
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    Bosco House Stables on winning the Nunthorpe and Nunthorpe 3Y Fillies (November 2018)

    Bosco House Stables on winning the Nunthorpe and Nunthorpe 3Y Fillies (November 2018)

    Bosco House Stables on winning the Nunthorpe and Nunthorpe 3Y Fillies (November 2018)

    My Championship winner is: Bay o Biscay(Nunthorpe 3YoFillies)

    I have always loved horse racing since I was a young boy, and this has never left me.

    I have had the good fortune to be an actual racehorse owner with a handful of wins until a few years ago'.

    The Virtual horse racing game, is as exciting as the real thing, because here you actually get to train your own horses and find out exactly what they are capable of achieving(or not).

    The anticipation of finding out if you have pulled a champion out of the sales ring is what each one of us looks forward to. The preparation of each individual horse, the race placing, and the final results, is what I look forward to each day.

    My first Winner was Moonray(I think)who I still have and race, she is also sentimentally my favourite,

    She is now a 6yo.I was lucky and got her from the sales ring shortly after I became a RC member, and she was and still is an OTC on all sprint distances on turf. Sadly due to my inexperience I made a mess of her career, and ruined her championship chances. But my faith in her has never faded.

    Now my stable is nicely set up, I have a few challengers of different ages.

    My Championship winner(Bay O Biscay)who is burning up the gallops. She has made my dream of winning a championship come true. It’s the ultimate achievement. And this year look out for my Red Stilletto, Unfortunately he had a few setbacks as a 2Yo,but still won me the Sprinters Conso from RF12,I'm looking forward to this season with him providing he gets his grounds.

    Before each big race, I try and give myself ample time to the preparation of my entries. Once you have tasted the sweetest fruit, you get hungry for more; therefore I’m out to get my Second Championship, and to reach 1000 winners by the end of November 2019.

    My favourite Real Horserace is the Cheltenham Gold Cup,infact the whole Cheltenham NH festival for me is the best meeting of the year.

    My advice to all new members is: Always talk to the established members. Most are always prepared to selflessly give the right advice. Derek10 is a perfect example.

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