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#1 - Jan 08, 19 - 09:43
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    Wins: 0’s Highest Earning Rookies of 2018!

    It is always exciting to recognize the most successful rookies of the year.

    In addition to being the current rising stars in the community, they are often most likely to become the future legends who will inspire the next generation of rookies who join While it is a universal truth that everybody who joins will join as a rookie, there are those rookies who will rise faster than their contemporaries to become the game changers of their generation.

    The most successful rookies of a season, or a year, are definitely game changers because somehow they re-invent the rules to suit themselves. They may learn the rules of the game faster than anyone else, but they also learn how to break the rules to play the game on their own terms. Rather than learning to play the game by rote, they dissect their experiences and question the norm to create their own winning formula. They are not likely to share their secrets to success; not that it would make a difference anyway because their winning formula is uniquely personal to their experiences, but one can identify what they do differently and learn from them.

    Fortunately, or possibly, unfortunately, there isn’t a single winning formula that can be copied and pasted from one stable into another. There are so many variables that can make or break a stable, but a successful trainer will learn how to adapt to any eventuality that they are presented with. This is true for the trainer frustrated in the Sales Ring when they are desperately seeking champions but find a glut of claimers dominating their purchase, as much as it is for the inexperienced trainer overwhelmed by the responsibility and expense of training and racing a championship contender. Some monster trainers (And, we’re not mentioning any names) want a championship contender in every age, colour, and gender, capable of competing over every single track, distance, and going, but find they only have stayers over a single track.

    Everyone encounters their nemesis in the world of virtual horse racing community, but successful trainers stare them head on, and conquer them! is one of the few skill-based games that have no invested interest in the success or failure of your stable – although, we do like to see everyone succeed, it also assures you that we will never give any players preferential treatment. Neither can we take credit for anyone’s success. Successful players are solely responsible for their success and deserve their rewards. Defining one’s success is subjective because everyone has their own unique perspective of what constitutes a successful racing career.

    We have identified the following top performing rookies of 2018 (based on earnings) – although some of them can no longer be considered rookies considering their progress, they certainly deserve to be acknowledged and applauded for their accomplishments within their first year of joining!

    Congratulations to’s Highest Earning Rookies of 2018!

    Stable Name ~ Earnings
    TTK Fashion HQ ~ US$38,863.00
    Glaisnock House ~ US$13,321.00
    JustBits ~ US$9,686.00
    Stardom Stable ~ US$8,494.00
    Black Oak stables ~ US$6,706.00
    Ewen ~ US$6,431.00
    GI Club ~ US$4,132.00
    Galaxy Stable ~ US$4,056.00
    Bbstables ~ US$3,775.00
    Elk Manor Lodge ~ US$3,472.00
    Atom Stallions ~ US$3,455.00
    Race To Win ~ US$2,855.00
    Condons yard ~ US$2,230.00
    Cobalt Prince ~ US$2,224.00
    HerryBumz ~ US$1,809.00
    Epic Valley ~ US$1,281.00
    Red Flame Ranch ~ US$1,235.00
    Avalon ~ US$1,180.00
    tinkermels ~ US$1,132.00
    North Star Yard ~ US$1,103.00

    We have to tip our hats to anybody who has the confidence to join the virtual horse racing community. Let’s face it, it’s not easy, and weaker men (and women) would easily lose their nerve when they see how much skill, strategy, and determination is required to take on this community. There’s no room for losers in this community, but even the most determined person could develop cold feet when they see their first silks, after training their first horse, or reading what some of you lot post in the forums. The ones that stay already deserve a certificate of merit just for joining. Joining the most competitive virtual horse racing community in the world takes some nerve because not everybody has what it takes to own, train, and race virtual horses.

    It’s a great way to separate the chaff from the wheat, and we must admit that we like the fact that only attracts the crème de la crème of virtual horse racing enthusiasts. It takes someone special. Someone who has the skill, strategy, and something the Race Programmer likes to call “character”. The most competitive rookies to join certainly meet that description.

    In fact, they remind us of you!

    Most trainers who join have always dreamed of owning their own thoroughbred racehorse until the harsh reality settles in that owning a horse costs a little more than wishful thinking. Whatever brought you to - and we applaud you for joining, we would like you to share your journey in the virtual horse racing community by answering.

    Which brings us to our next point: What was like you joined as a rookie and what changes have you seen that have changed the virtual horse racing landscape that most rookies won’t remember? We look forward to reading your answers and sharing them with future rookies.

    The Team