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    Betting Is Here

    Place Your Bets Now

    We are pleased to announce the introduction of live betting on You’ve already experienced the thrill of racing your virtual horses but now you can double your excitement by betting on your horses.

    Betting is easier than 123!

    1: Navigate to the Betting page.
    2: Select your race, your horses, and add them to your betslip.
    3: Select your stake and place your bet!

    You can view your results either through the event viewer or after the event has finished.

    Need more help? Simply click the ‘Academic Cap’ icon on the betting page for detailed assistance.

    Want to place another bet while you wait? Simply select another event to bet on.

    Want to place a bet right now? Simply click the betting icon on the navigation bar between Races and Track!

    The Team

    *Only UK residents can bet for real cash. All other players will have access to demo play.*