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    Corporate Sponsorships
    Corporate Sponsorship

    Advertising on is offered through sponsorships.

    As a corporate, you may choose to sponsor one or more virtual racing events. does not recognize sponsored money as advertising revenue, but rather reinvests these funds back into the game as part of the prize pool. As players stand to benefit from sponsorships, the sponsor's brand is reinforced in players' minds.

    Depending on your budget, we can tailor a race package to suit your requirements. Corporate sponsorships start at US$500.00.

    Your brand / logo typically appears on:

    • Race names of chosen events
    • News headlines
    • Banners on homepage and throughout website
    • Raceviewer billboards
    • Social networking website pages
    • Race video distribution websites
    • Advertising partner websites

    Further corporate sponsorship benefits include:

    • Entrenched brand awareness in a true in-game sponsorship, not just online advertising
    • Recruitment of good volumes of quality customers
    • Participation in the fast growing online skill-gaming industry
    • Strong viral marketing elements offered by the product
    • Low cost access to a lucrative online audience
    • Additional mileage through editorial content and advertising coverage on partner websites
    • Exclusivity for the sponsor

    If you would like further details for a custom-made sponsorship campaign with, click the button below