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    49th Season Highlights
    Adventure Competition Community Rewards Recognition

    Click on the links in the image above for more information.

    It's time for the 49th season of virtual horse racing on - and we're taking it to the next level!

    It's no secret that everyone loves some competition, and the competition begins with you in the Sales Ring. If you're not training your horses, you're not part of the competition, because as soon as the new season begins you need to have your horses racing. The more you race, the more you win; and the more you win, the higher your stable moves up in the leaderboards.

    The Race Programmer knows that there is no such thing as an easy win - and every win is a cause for celebration. The leaderboards not only celebrate the success of your runs, wins, and earnings, they also celebrate your Runs / Wins percentage because being competitive in virtual horse racing is more about quality than quantity. While no trainers wants to lose in a race, they also respect the trainers who literally give them a run for their money. Regardless if you're running in claimers or championships - bring it on!

    If you are interested in upping your game, consider the Championship Series where you will encounter the most competitive trainers racing their most competitive horses. The stakes are higher, the challenge more daunting, but nothing comes close to the satisfaction of winning a Championship Series title. The rewards of winning a Championship Series are equally lucrative.

    If you're not ready for the Championship Series but think that you have the head for it, consider putting yourself through your paces in the Fantasy Stable Competition. It could give you almost the same adrenaline rush as the Championship Series. You have an invested interest in the success of your fantasy horses that you would either wish that you had in your stable, or at least bask in the winning glow that befits a trainer who can pick a winner.

    The new season promises to take your racing to the next level! Are you ready?

    The Team