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#1 - Jan 09, 17 - 15:50
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    Please note, if you are operating a non-US$$ currency account, the currency exchange rate requires an update which will be conducted today.

    Therefore the new rate as of 9 January 2017 is as follows:
    Euro (EUR) to 1US$$ = €0.95 (previously £0.93)
    The UK Pound (GBP) remains unchanged 1US$$ = £0.80

    You will therefore notice a change in pricing, stable stats, nominations and related stakes winnings if operating in Euro's (EUR).

    As the sites base currency is the US Dollar currency exchange updates will only have an effect on members operating in currencies other than the US Dollar.

    Note that races which were programmed prior to the update will remain at the old exchange rate in terms of nomination amounts and respective stakes pay-outs. They will eventually filter out of the race card as they are replaced by the new exchange rates.